Experience in High Stakes Cases

Experience in High Stakes Cases

If you charged with a violent crime, the stakes are high. Depending on the crime you are charged with and whether or not you have previous convictions, under the Three Strikes Law you may be facing time in prison. The district attorney generally assigns the most experienced prosecutors to these cases. You need to have an experienced and aggressive lawyer on your side.

During my over 30 years as a lawyer, I have focused my practice on criminal law. My experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney provides me with a unique understanding of the judicial process that I put to work for my clients. I have worked on over 100 jury trials and I bring my wealth of experience to each and every one of my clients.

I handle the defense of adults and juveniles in a wide variety of violent misdemeanors and felonies, such as:

Murder/homicide: Conviction can constitute life in prison.

Vehicular manslaughter: Any case in which a person has died in a car accident should be taken seriously. Punishment is extreme.

Assault: Conviction generally means prison time.

Attempted murder: These charges often stem from an assault but the consequences are much more serious.

Domestic violence (domestic assault/spousal abuse): Restraining orders are usually in place. In family situations, I help people receive counseling, as well as a defense in court.

Sexual assault: These violent crimes include rape, date rape, statutory rape, child molestation. Conviction can mean prison time and lifetime sex offender registration.

Robbery: Punishments vary greatly due to the particulars of each case.

Gang crimes: Assisting in a crime as part of gang involvement is considered enhancement and carries severe punishment.

Rehabilitation Vs. Punishment

I am a strong proponent of a client getting help instead of getting punished. In some cases, it is possible for us to secure rehabilitation and treatment instead of jail time and fines.

Let me put my experience to work for you. If it is in your best interest, I will work with prosecutors to negotiate a plea agreement. Prosecutors can be convinced of the need for rehabilitation rather than mere punishment. If drugs are a factor in your alleged crime, they will want to see you undergo treatment and counseling. I have extensive experience advocating for rehabilitation instead of punishment for my clients.

Contact me for a free initial consultation. My office is located within a block of the jail and courthouse and is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. I am also available for evening and weekend appointments. I can meet you at your home, office or at the jail if you are in custody.

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