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San Antonio Auto & Vehicle Accidents

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A car accident can leave you in pain, without a vehicle, and wondering what to do next. You may be facing weeks of doctor’s appointments and phone calls to the insurance companies. How will you find time to heal, buy a new vehicle and get back to work?car accident lawyers san antonio

Accident Attorney

Working with a personal injury attorney relieves much of the stress accident victims feel. At our Law Firm, we take the burden of dealing with the insurance companies off of you. Our job is to recover the damages you need to get a new car, pay medical bills and compensate for lost income.

Let Us Fight for the Compensation You Need
In our vehicle accident practice, we handle accident claims involving all types of motor vehicles, including:

Cars, SUVs, and light trucks
Trucking accidents
Commercial vehicle accidents
DUI/DWI accidents
Motorcycle and bicycle accidents
Bus accidents
Railroad and train accidents
Railroad disasters
Boating accidents
Marine accidents

Whether you were driving or traveling for work or personal reasons, we can assist you. We have extensive experience with claims involving severe injuries and wrongful death. We understand that you and your family may be experiencing a difficult ordeal, and we will treat you with respect and care as we work to recover compensation for you.

Because we prepare our cases for trial, insurance companies know we are ready and willing to litigate. Our reputation in the courtroom often leads to favorable settlements without the need for a trial.

For a free consultation with our auto accident lawyer, please call us toll-free today.

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Car Accidents and Dealing With The Insurance Company

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Regardless of the Insurer, the Odds That Your Injury Claim Will be Initially Denied Can be High

Many auto liability insurers will find any excuse to cancel a customer’s policy once they are involved in an injury-related accident. And though we don’t encourage “profiling,” we have noticed the connection between such arbitrary insurance cancellation and the size of the Yellow Page display ad the insurer buys: the bigger the ad, the flimsier the coverage. Many cancel for no stated reason or say that the monthly premium payment didn’t arrive before the wreck was reported, even if it did arrive during the state-mandated 10 day grace period from the due accident lawyers

The Texas Department of Insurance keeps records on how insurance companies honor claims in our state. And they’ve recently revealed some very sobering data. One Texas minimum coverage insurer took in over $271 million in premiums in one year. But it has a claims complaint index that is two-and-a-half times higher than the state complaint average. Another minimum coverage insurer took in $575 million and had a complaint index of nearly four times over the state average. The TDI also has a “Top 10” hit-list of insurers that have the highest total complaints when it comes to handling claims. more on this website

A recent analysis of the Insurance Department’s consumer complaint figures showed that 11 of the 25 largest auto insurers in the state, all of whom are supposed to be underwriting over 100,000 policies, had a complaint index that was above average. Complaints that drivers filed with the state included such practices as delays in processing claims, “low-ball” settlement offers, outright denial of legitimate claims, and other liability disputes.

Another favorite trick of some insurance companies in denying an injured claimant is for an adjuster for the company to tell the injured party that if the claim isn’t paid, the person will have to hire a lawyer and will probably wind up with little money for their trouble. At that point, the driver feels forced to take 50 cents on the dollar (or less) of the original damage claim. This excuse is patently false! But since the driver probably hasn’t talked to an experienced auto accident attorney, he’s probably unaware of this fact, feels that he’s alone against the big bad insurance company, and accepts the substandard offer. In one year, Texas consumers filed more than 6,600 complaints against auto insurers in Texas. More than half were filed by drivers who said they were not at fault in an accident but still had trouble getting an insurer to pay their claim. auto accident and insurance claims

And a high percentage of these denials come from insurance companies that do business in Texas but are headquartered in another state; who then maintain they are subject to the insurance laws of the state in which they are incorporated, not the states in which they do business. So if you’re dealing with an adjuster in another state, this action could be a clue that the insurance company might deny your claim.

Put our years of experience to work for you. If you want to know what your rights are, how to proceed with your claim, and how much compensation you can secure from your auto accident case, call our Law Firm now for a free consultation and find out how we can help you.

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Speeding Ticket Attorneys

Speeding Ticket Attorneys

I was driving in Texas, on a 25 mph residential road. I honestly have no idea how fast I was going, it was really dark, no cars on the road, I had no reference objects, driving a smooth comfortable car. I passed a cop who was stopped, and he ticketed me for 40mph in a 25, not stating on the ticket any equipment used, so I assume he just estimated. speeding ticket attorneys
Should I at least go to court just to ask how he knows I was speeding? I’m not really fighting, saying “I wasn’t speeding” I just simply didn’t know my speed, and I want to press this issue because it’s a lotta money! I sort of want to call or write him at the station and ask him how he knew I was speeding, or just ask for mercy without admitting guilt. Then at least go to court. I simply don’t have the money to pay, and they want it by 12 days (10 days if I mail it) I can’t make 5 by then. More about Speeding Ticket Attorneys San Antonio
the fact that it was dark and there were no other cars to gauge is relevant (though not a legal defense) because I could either monitor my speed on the dash or watch the winding road which I was unfamiliar with. Personally, I like not running off the road when it’s pitch black.
It looks like people are ignoring the fact that there was NO RADAR used in this ticket, so I can’t question the radar.

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